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  • New EU-US data sharing agreement: the Privacy Shield

    A new agreement between the EU and the US has been made concerning improved protection of personal information of European internet users, better known as the Privacy Shield.

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  • Five myths about sending emails without an opt-in

    For many people, spam is one of the biggest annoyances they have to deal with on a daily basis. There are a number of very strict rules that were designed to combat this form of unwanted advertising. In a nutshell: it is not allowed to approach people without them giving permission to do so first.

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  • InShared is truly shaping one-to-one marketing

    We have been talking about one-to-one marketing since the 90s. But the companies that have been able to really implement it are few and far between. Insurance company InShared has made significant strides in recent years. Marketing manager Bettina Dalenoord talked about it during the ‘Conversion Power Session’, organized by Webpower, Magneds and ConversionMob.

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  • The five biggest blunders in email marketing

    Email marketing is one of the most effective types of marketing. Email can be up to six times more effective than social media, so marketers focused on results would do well to integrate this particular channel into their marketing mix. If they are going to do it, though, they had better do it right. No matter how many opportunities email marketing can offer, there are just as many opportunities to use this medium in completely the wrong way.

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  • This is how you achieve a lower bounce rate

    High bounce rates are often the result of a poorly maintained mailing list. It is therefore not entirely unfair that as an email sender you build up bad email reputation with internet service providers (ISPs). And a bad reputation does not improve your chances of ending up in the recipient’s inbox, obviously. Reasons enough to reduce your bounce rate of your emailings.

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  • Safe Harbor not quite safe after all

    Do you have any idea where online services your company uses store their sensitive information? Europe? The US?

    Until recently, nothing was amiss, in legal terms. After all, the Safe Harbor framework was there. Although information belonging to Europeans could technically not be funneled to countries whose privacy protection was not as good, like the United States, this was allowed because of the agreement.

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