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  • Safe Harbor not quite safe after all

    Do you have any idea where online services your company uses store their sensitive information? Europe? The US?

    Until recently, nothing was amiss, in legal terms. After all, the Safe Harbor framework was there. Although information belonging to Europeans could technically not be funneled to countries whose privacy protection was not as good, like the United States, this was allowed because of the agreement.

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  • Webpower ahead in deliverability

    Your email is useless if it does not reach your contacts. This is why it is vital that you choose a solution that offers a high degree of deliverability. Webpower is known for its delivery percentage of 99%, which we managed to increase to 99.3% with our latest update!

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  • Adapt or die! How European companies have to adapt to the Chinese market

    The modern economy — both global and local— is fast, dynamic and in a constant state of change. One of the biggest challenges those international businesses are facing nowadays, is that they have to be responsive to change. Even though we live in a globalized world, each country and each area has its own environment, different from each other.

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  • Abandoned shopping cart email can increase conversion up to 50%

    Customers increasingly abandon their full basket just before the virtual checkout. As a marketer, what can you do to still achieve conversion in those cases?

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  • Improve the customer journey with marketing automation

    Obtaining 118% higher opening rates with mailings, more than doubling the turnover from these  mailings, as well as making more efficient use of the available content. It is not surprising that the concept of Marketing Automation was already included in the trend lists of 2013 and 2014. And in 2015 it will be on the agenda of many companies. Still, not every marketer knows what the true impact is of marketing automation. Therefore, a brief explanation follows.

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  • Measuring conversion by conversion pixels

    To measure is to be sure! This is a time-honoured saying that I hear from many a marketer. Yet I continue to be surprised about the number of marketers who do not know their statistics and if they do it is often not beyond the Open Ratio, Click Through Ratio and the Click To Order Ratios. These statistics give a good indication of how the mailing went, but as a marketer surely you want more than just a good indication?

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