Webpower ahead in deliverability

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9, november 2015

Your email is useless if it does not reach your contacts. This is why it is vital that you choose a solution that offers a high degree of deliverability. Webpower is known for its delivery percentage of 99%, which we managed to increase to 99.3% with our latest update!

There are several factors that affect this percentage, including:

  • Good reputation of the sender’s IP address.
  • Monitoring of ISPs (Internet Service Providers) that give feedback and determine when an email is considered spam or undesired email.
  • Correct processing of soft and hard bounces.

Webpower is backed by a dedicated team that makes sure deliverability percentages are among the highest in the world, meaning your emails will definitely reach your contacts. This is even harder to achieve in China than it is in Europe, but with our specialists and our new update, we can safely say that we are unique in this regard.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities A/B tests offer? Contact us via our website or call +31 (0)342 423 262.

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