As many applications as possible for the first Webpower User Day.

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Webpower hosted its inaugural user day for its Dutch users. When setting up an event like this, should you expect ten, a hundred or two hundred applications? What is the best way to organise this kind of event and create an interesting programme?

The goal was to send users home with more knowledge about Webpower’s team, the platform and its features. Furthermore, a minimum attendance target had been set for this free event.

Where to begin?

With the objectives clearly outlined, an internal brainstorming session was hosted for people from the marketing, sales, support and development departments. All suggestions and ideas were translated into a programme, a communication flow and an action list.

Quick and efficient communication

To ensure a high attendance, it is important to announce your event on time. However, the idea for this event was only thought up ten weeks before the event itself. That called for quick and efficient communication. First of all, a recognisable logo for the event was created. At the same time, a definitive list of Dutch users who actively use the Webpower platform was drawn up. This list of users was verified by the sales team and then enriched with data, e.g. the name of the user’s account manager. Finally, an invitation was sent to the users on this list via email.

Personal communication with profile enrichment

These emails were all personalised – e.g. by addressing users by their first name in the email – and sent via the user’s account manager. The most important call-to-action in the email was signing up for the event via the landing page. Enriched profile information, such as the user’s mobile number, level of experience, dietary preferences and interests, were used to personalise subsequent communication. This made each new email about the event more relevant and interesting. This subsequent communication consisted of progress updates for the event and the final programme for the day, teasers about what users could expect, the announcement of the event’s location, tickets with personalised QR codes and text messages concerning the Webpower User Day.

The countdown…

Of course, any users who had not signed up (yet) received different emails. Whereas users who had signed up saw a timer counting down to the event itself (to keep them excited), people who had not signed up yet saw a timer counting down to the registration deadline. This was done to create a sense of urgency and get people to sign up before it was too late.

Marketing automation pertaining to the event

Each attendee’s ticket contained a personal QR code, practical information regarding the event’s location and personalised content, e.g. with regards to their dietary preferences. Upon arrival, the QR code on the personal ticket in the user’s email was scanned. This allowed us to register who had already arrived and send these people an automated text message to welcome them to the event. Throughout the day, guests received more personalised text messages, e.g. to remind them about an upcoming session.

Greke Janssen – marketing manager Webpower: ”Enriched profile information, such as the user’s mobile number, level of experience, dietary preferences and interests, were used to personalise subsequent communication. This made each new email about the event more relevant and interesting.”

Important lesson

Start thinking well in advance about who you want to invite, what emails and other messages you want to send and when, what content you will need for this, what you want to know about your guests and which pages/forms are needed to gather this information. Draw up a communication flow and prepare emails ahead of time. This ensures you do not have to spend any time writing or sending emails as the event approaches and lets you spend your valuable time on other important business.

Positive results

The predefined objectives were achieved with a registration percentage of 12% (via the landing page) of the total number of invitees. Shortly after the event, we sent out an evaluation and an email with presentations and other useful reference works. All this led to positive feedback from many attendees (we earned an average rating of 8.5) about the Webpower User Day and our communication prior to, during and after the event.

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